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Background check w/ Felix Georgii

How did you get into Wakeboarding?

At home we have this voucher book for kids in their summer break. Back then they had two waterski lessons in there and that is how I tried waterskiing for the first time. I was already snowboarding back then, so I was way more interested in wakeboarding and all those plastic features then I was for waterskiing.

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Probably filming for the debut was the first big thing and helped me to be recognized. Always will be thankful to Andy K. for the trust and hard work he put into this.

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Was there a moment you remember when your wake career really took off?

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 3.25.23 PM.png

After your Debut part everyone knows about your eye and lack of vision you have in it. Can you tell us how that happened and how does it affect your riding today?

I lost my eye on a family vacation to France, I was playing on top of our van. I tried to bend branches into the sliding window, unfortunately the branches didn’t stay where I wanted them to and as soon as I let them go one branch popped straight into my eye.

You also are a sponsored snowboarder, correct?

Well not really sponsored, I do have a good relationship to a few brands I used to ride for, due to the love I have for it but also my reach on social media helps me still get some product for free.

Does having a snow background give you an advantage with wake?

Yes I think snowboarding helped me to think differently then other wakeboarders back then, the reason I started wakeboarding was snowboarding. I pretty quick realized that it’s way easier to learn tricks when you pull on a rope and can’t catch an edge on rails.

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How do you balance being sponsored in wake and snow?

For me snowboard season is off season, if someone ask me to go for an event I’m in but mostly use the time for myself and don’t really care what else is going on around me. That keeps me motivated to work harder in summer.

What are some of your future plans with wakeboarding?

I think there is still a lot of potential in filming wakeboarding in a way that hasn’t been shown, so hopefully film some more Video parts. Main goal for now is to film a proper winch part.

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Thank You Felix

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