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Photo : Bryan Soderlind / Rider : Dary Znebel / Art : Wesley Mark Jacobsen

A goodie from our latest video "Bear Day" when Bryan came to visit us for one day, we really busted our asses and got as much good content as we could in those 24 hours.  This is the first photo of the Gallery because it really describes the Space Mob.  Friends helping each other get the best shot possible and having a damn good time in the process.  Below are some more favorites from our visit with Bear.

Photo : Bryan Soderlind / Rider : Wesley Mark Jacobsen

WMJ getting blunted with the help of some wakeskate "nubs" or "lock in fins."  Using nubs on a wakeboard is a controversial topic amongst the watersports community.  But when they help get photos like this one, how could you be mad!?  Wes prolly did about 100 of these blunts before we got one that we were all really stoked on.  He is locking in on the the new 2020 Space Mob Directional board from Slingshot Wake. (click here to check it out) Paired with the Space Mob Boots there couldn't be a fresher setup on Earth or Outerspace!


Photo : Bryan Soderlind / Rider : Quinn Silvernale

Bear gettin up close and personal with Quinn as he sends this hand plant from the Hallway of the "L Rail" on the Spacemob Directional board.  If you look closely you can see that the nose of Quinn's board is actually above the rope.  How he manage to do that and still land the trick multiple times in a row to get this shot is incredible.  


Photo : Bryan Soderlind / Rider : Dary Znebel

Ever wonder where Dary's nickname "Dirt Skurtin' Daryl" came from?  I think this photo can shed some light.   


Andrew Pastura Frontside Blizzie

It's always a pleasure when Drew grabs his nub board.  This blunt from Trey's park "Black Water Junction" in Virginia.  BWJ looks like a wakeskater's paradise and we can't wait to make it up there this season!  They are planning a skate contest called "Junction Function" July 30 - Aug 1st, mark those calendars!


Photo : Mahallia Budds / Rider : Cole Kraiss 

Backside flips are always delicious but when you see it from a birds eye view it really turns into something special.  Cole has always been known in wakeskating for his smooth style and skateboard inspired tricks.  This photo is from CWC Wakepark in the Phillipines.  Stoked to work more with Cole in the future!


Photo : Brian Nevins / Rider : Zeb Powell

It would be an understatement to say that Zeb has blown up in the snowboard world.  From landing new sponsors like Thirty Two, Nitro, and RedBull to winning the X Games knuckle huck as an X Games rookie.  This humble ripper from NC is surely turning some heads with his unique style and extra funky bag of tricks.  But some don't know that Zeb is also a wakeboarder and even has some tricks filmed for "The Coalition, The Trilogy!  Stoked to see what the future holds for this yung buck!


Photo : Sam Strauss / Rider : Dom Hernler

Ok, what the actual fuck Dom!?  This photo taken during the filming of a Red Bull project called "Falling Rocks" with Parks Bonifay and Felix Georgii.  If you haven't seen the clip you are blowing it!  


Photo : Wesley Jacobsen / Rider : Sina Fuchs

Getting up close and personal with Sina Fuchs, a german rider who has blown up girls wakeboarding and even starting her very own girls wake brand called "Copycatsclub."  This Indy fiddy was shot on GoPro burst mode with a light bounce and the result speaks for itself.  Sometimes you don't need expensive equipment to make a good photo.  A little creativity can go a long way. 

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