Age : 30

Hometown : Charleston, SC

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 10 

Other Hobbies : Disc Golf, Art, Video, Music, Chickens

Favorite Trick :  @buttergang.tv

Favorite Quote : Dont sweat the petty, pet the sweaty

Favorite Movie : Brink

Aliens : DUH

Seen Ufo : Maybe who knows

Wesley Mark Jacobsen

Age : 20

Hometown : Eastman, GA

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 10

Other Hobbies : Skateboarding, Smoothie Making, Stretching, Bucket Hat Modeling, Lawn Mowing

Favorite Trick : Tail roll2blind

Favorite Quote : "The funny thing is when you start to feel happy alone, that's when everyone decides to be with you." -Jim Carrey

Favorite Movie : Forrest Gump

Aliens : Yes 100%

Seen Ufo : No, but I saw my first shooting star this year, maybe that counts?

Crosse Bearden

Age : 29

Hometown : Bradenton, FL

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 15

Other Hobbies : Ball Golf, Disc Golf, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing

Favorite Trick : 360 Flip FS Lip

Favorite Quote : "If you're not first you're last" -Ricky Bobby

Favorite Movie : Talledega Nights

Aliens : Yes

Seen Ufo : Yes

Travis Doran

Age : 22

Hometown : Cumming GA

Goofy or Regs : Regular

Favorite Park : VWC, BTOWN, Thai Wake Park

Years Riding : 8

Other Hobbies : Target Practice, Gun Smithing, Skateboarding, Hunting

Favorite Trick : Really like early pass back ones onto rails at the moment.  Too many tricks to have a favorite.

Favorite Quote : "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." - Constitution of the United States

Favorite Movie : Trailer Park Boys

Aliens : Absolutely

Seen Ufo : Not yet, but I've seen a Sasquatch

Blake Bishop

Age : 26

Hometown : Buenos Aires

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 5

Other Hobbies : I love horses and horseback riding

Favorite Trick : bs180's

Favorite Quote : "Treat others the way you want to be treated"

Favorite Movie : Lion King

Aliens : Yes, most definitely

Seen Ufo : I think so

Coti Scaglia

Age : 19

Hometown : Stonehill, Bavaria, Germany

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : WildWakeSki & VWC

Years Riding : 8

Other Hobbies : Working on old cars and snowboarding in winter

Favorite Trick : SW bs 1's but changes often

Favorite Quote : "Stay positive, do it for yourself and make it happen"

Favorite Movie : The Debut

Aliens : Yes, they're over us

Seen Ufo :  Yea on my balcony

Leon Illenseer

Age : 28

Hometown : Dobriach, Austria

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : Lake Ronix, VWC

Years Riding : 18

Other Hobbies : Surfing, skate, snowboarding

Favorite Trick : Money Mobe

Favorite Quote : "I don't fucking know, what's yours?"

Favorite Movie : Tarantino Movies

Aliens : Fuck yea I do

Seen Ufo : I see ufos all the time

Dom Hernler

Age : 27

Hometown : Absberg, Germany - middle of nowhere is where I live

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : Valdosta is next level. Luv this park!

Years Riding : All in all 15 years

Other Hobbies : Snowboarding, playing random games, SUP-Polo is sick!

Favorite Trick : I really like to handplant

Favorite Quote : "You can be stupid, you just have to know how to help yourself" -(my earlier boss said this)

Favorite Movie : I like superhero movies like Coalition. JK - those ones by Marvel

Aliens : Sure, I've met some of them. They're nice!

Seen Ufo : They don't like to call it UFO

Anne Fryer

Age : 18

Hometown : Velbert, Germany

Goofy or Regs : Regular

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 6

Other Hobbies : Snowboarding, Skateboarding

Favorite Trick : All butters haha

Favorite Quote : "Just have fun"

Favorite Movie : The Coalition The Movie

Aliens : For sure!!!

Seen Ufo : Unfortunately not but would love to!

Nico Gogol

Age : 20

Hometown : Geneva, Switzerland

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : Poulewakepark, La Source Wakepark, CWC, VWC

Years Riding : 8

Other Hobbies : Vibin'

Favorite Trick : SW 270 into shit

Favorite Quote : "allllleerr"

Favorite Movie : le diner de con (the dinner game)

Aliens : Yes

Seen Ufo : I wish man

Maxime Giry

Age : 18

Hometown : Toronto, Canada

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 12

Other Hobbies : Snowboarding, photography, filming, and exploring the depths of Google Maps

Favorite Trick : Tucknee

Favorite Quote : "If you think I've got a lot of sponsors, you should see the stuff I turn down" -Shaun White

Favorite Movie : Out Cold

Aliens : For sure! Crosse and Quinn's riding makes me wonder if there are part alien...

Seen Ufo : Maybe... seen some pretty hard to explain things while filming in the streets with Dary Znebel

Jesse Jarrett

Age : 33

Hometown : Oxbow SK, Canada

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 20

Other Hobbies : Disc Golf, Skateboarding, Chillin with my dog, Golf, Foiling, Woodworking, Playing Sports

Favorite Trick : BS 180, they never get old

Favorite Quote : "You'll never know if you don't try"

Favorite Movie : Blow

Aliens : I think so

Seen Ufo : I don't think so, but I'd like to

Dylan Miller

Age : 24

Hometown : Sunshine Coast, Australia

Goofy or Regs : regular

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 10

Other Hobbies : Motocross

Favorite Trick : Seatbelt Crow Mobe

Favorite Quote : "Not here to fuck spiders"

Favorite Movie : Intime

Aliens : Yeah

Seen Ufo : No I wish

James Windsor

Age : 23

Hometown : Miami, FL

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : MWC

Years Riding : 5

Other Hobbies : Soccer

Favorite Trick : Banana Drop into Tranny

Favorite Quote : "If not today then when?"

Favorite Movie : Warrior

Aliens : Yea I believe in extraterrestrials

Seen Ufo : Definitely more than once

Jonathan Bonet

Age : 29

Hometown : Tartu, Estonia

Goofy or Regs : Reggy

Favorite Park : Rahinge Wakepark, VWC, 313

Years Riding : 4 years

Other Hobbies : snowboarding, sewing/crafts, applied arts/design, movies, my dog Luna

Favorite Trick : tailpress

Favorite Quote : "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

Favorite Movie : too many to tell, "The Mask" is the best, anything with Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell or Melissa McCarthy

Aliens : Yes, they're there

Seen Ufo : Hmm, no prolly cuz I don't want to.

Kadri "Kate" Mets

Age : 100

Hometown : Roswell, GA

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 20?

Other Hobbies : Snowboarding, Building rails, DIY shit, Movie/TV critic

Favorite Trick : Anything Dirt or Grass

Favorite Quote : "Sad dogs can't be big dogs" -Travis Doran

Favorite Movie : Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Aliens : Yes

Seen Ufo : Yes, we can get into that later

Quinn Silvernale

Age : 28

Hometown : Mississauga, Ontario

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 18

Other Hobbies : Snowboardin, Skateboardin, Gardening

Favorite Trick : BS 180

Favorite Quote : "Work smart not hard"

Favorite Movie : Out Cold

Aliens : Yup

Seen Ufo : Maybe?

Dary Znebel

Age : 21

Hometown : Estonia is good enough

Goofy or Regs : Regular

Favorite Park : Rahinge Wakepark

Years Riding : 7

Other Hobbies : Snowboarding, Party

Favorite Trick : Melon Crowmobe

Favorite Quote : "Assholes never die"

Favorite Movie : Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle

Aliens : No

Seen Ufo : https://youtu.be/sdDZ2sANEr0

Simon Pettai

Age : 25

Hometown : Bischofsheim a.d. Rhon

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : VWC

Years Riding : 6

Other Hobbies : Snowboarding, Rollerskating, Art

Favorite Trick : Everything with tapi taps

Favorite Quote : "Keep it fun"

Favorite Movie : Ice Age 1

Aliens : Myself in person

Seen Ufo : Do you know my horse?

Sina Fuchs

Age : 26 almost 27 in May

Hometown : Kranzegg, Allgau, Germany

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : The Bricks

Years Riding : 15 years

Other Hobbies : Snowboard, Skateboard, Surf

Favorite Trick : Nosepress

Favorite Quote : "You win some you lose some"

Favorite Movie : idk

Aliens : There is for sure something out there, not yet sure what it is.

Seen Ufo : Yes

Felix Georgii

Age : 13

Hometown : Bangkok, Thailand

Goofy or Regs : Reg

Favorite Park : Thai Wake Park

Years Riding : 10

Other Hobbies : Skating, Gaming

Favorite Trick : Half Cabs

Favorite Quote : "Must be nice"

Favorite Movie : Despicable Me"

Aliens : Yes we can't be the only ones

Seen Ufo : Nah

Bobby Grant

Age : 30

Hometown : Perpignan, France

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : Definitely VWC

Years Riding : 12

Other Hobbies : Surfing! Snowboarding, Skateboarding and Mountain Bike

Favorite Trick : Anything creative and buttery

Favorite Quote : "Are you from China? Because I'm China get your number.."

Favorite Movie : Dude Where's My Car

Aliens : I'm 100% sure that aliens exist

Seen Ufo : No, I wish I could see one before I die.

Matt Montoro

Age : 18

Hometown : Hamburg City, Germany

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : VWC, Liquid Leisure, WW Hamburg

Years Riding : 6

Other Hobbies : Sleeping all day long

Favorite Trick : Every trick that sounds good

Favorite Quote : Still waiting for a convincing one

Favorite Movie : Hard to say, I always fall asleep after 5 mins.

Aliens : Maybe

Seen Ufo : Only drawn by Wes

Luca Glinski

Sudteen is a Wakeboarding crew from Bangkok, Thailand.  Seeam is their fearless leader, photographer, editor, and all around creative director.  We first met them in 2019 and we've been working together ever since.  

Their main objective is to have fun and focus on style with their riding.  Since meeting this amazing crew they have been nothing but great hosts as we are traveling around Thailand.

Crew : Seeam, Bobby Grant, Ping, Pond, Kitt, Pom, Turbo, Kai, Jack, Nasz, Kan Potato


Age : 20

Hometown : Waynesville, NC

Goofy or Regs : Goofy

Favorite Park : Carinthia

Years Riding : 12 

Other Hobbies : Eating food and watching anything board related. Oh yeah I am playing Skate 3

Favorite Trick : Toedeo 720 Tucknee

Favorite Quote : "If you aint first you're last"

Favorite Movie : Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse

Aliens : Yes I do believe in Aliens

Seen Ufo : Never seen one doe

Zeb Powell

Age : 31

Hometown : Cincinnati, Ohio

Goofy or Regs : Regular

Favorite Park : CWC, VWC, Bricks

Years Riding : lots

Other Hobbies : skating, anything with WM, guitar, filming, editing, being wanderlust

Favorite Trick : impossible feels pretty good when they wrap all nice

Favorite Quote : "Can't win em all" - Trey Seneff

Favorite Movie : Alien Workshop "photosynthesis"

Aliens : DJT must be one

Seen Ufo : oh hell yea

Andrew Pastura

Age : 27

Hometown : Parker, AZ

Goofy or Regs : G

Favorite Park : Cdub

Years Riding : 12

Other Hobbies : Books & Motorcycles

Favorite Trick : flick

Favorite Quote : "You know what they say..."

Favorite Movie : Dr. Strangelove

Aliens : Yes

Seen Ufo : Yes

Cole Kraiss

Age : 30

Hometown : Johnson City, TN

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : Gravity Research

Years Riding : 15

Other Hobbies : Welding, Shoveling snow, mycology

Favorite Trick : sw pete

Favorite Quote : "You don't start really living until you aren't afraid to die"

Favorite Movie : I Origins

Aliens : Yes. 7th and 9th dimensional ones... machine elfs

Seen Ufo : Possibly but need a better look

Terry Bailey

Age : 27

Hometown : Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Goofy or Regs : Regs

Favorite Park : Black Water Junction of course

Years Riding : 14 years

Other Hobbies : yatzee, arts and crafts, paragliding, snowboarding when possible

Favorite Trick : Regular Kickflip

Favorite Quote : "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where its going.  I just hope I find it along the way." - Michael Scott

Favorite Movie : You Only Live Twice

Aliens : Hell yea i do

Seen Ufo : Probably but good chance they were just satellites.

Trey Seneff

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