WMJ x Protec

WMJ x Protec Helmet is finally here!  Check out this clip filmed at Valdosta Wake Compound then head over to and check out the official Helmet.  Enjoy!

Space Mob Euro Tour

Space Mob EURO TOUR is finally here!  Enjoy this full length movie as the SM crew galavants around europe for two weeks while they visit nine parks.  What a wild ride it was!  Thanks to all the companies that were involved with making this happen!  Slingshot, Buywake, STZ, Protec, Sooruz, Nissan Europe.  Strap your seatbelts, grab a cold beer, roll a fatty, sit back and relax because you are in for a treat!  Enjoy!

Coalition Vol. 8

The Coalition Vol. 8 is fresh outta the oven and ready to be devoured by you.  Was that weird? Yea, we like that!  We were fortunate enough to be able to ride during quarantine so we made the best of it and are bringing you our favorite volume yet!  Get ready for a wild ride!  Featuring Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, Crosse Bearden, Travis Doran, Dary Znebel, Sina Fuchs, Coti Scaglia, Justing Lee, Blake Bishop, and Dylan Miller.  Enjoy!

EXPn - Simon/Brenton P.

Well, we dug into our archives and found this video interview with our very own EXPN reporter Simon Pettai interviewing X Games Champion of the world Brenton Priestly.  Enjoy this amazing interview and don't forget to like and subscribe.  Enjoy!

Quarantine Files - vol.8 bts

Some behind the scenes look at our Quarantine at VWC.  Enjoy some b roll and some unused clips from filming Coalition Vol. 8.  Edited by our very own Crosse Bearden.  Enjoy!

Coalition Vol. 7

The Coalition Vol. 7 filmed at Valdosta Wake Compound with the Space Mob crew.  Riders in order of appearance - Dylan Miller, Crosse Bearden, Henry Paulk, Simon Pettai, Mikhale Johnson, Jesse Jarrett, Sina Fuchs, Coti Scaglia, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Dary Znebel.  Enjoy!

2020 Unboxing

Wesley Mark Jacobsen and Quinn Silvernale unboxing their all new whips from Slingshotwake! Space Mob Boots, Space Mob Asymmetrical Directional Space Tomb 160cm, The Coalition 141, 145, 149, 153, 157cm. Everything is NOW AVAILABLE  Enjoy!

The coalition the movie the sequel

Welcome to the second installment of our full length movie series "The Coalition The Movie The Sequel."  Filmed a lot in Argentina and right here at our home park, Valdosta Wake Compound.  Full Parts : Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Wesley Huber, Matt Montoro, Terry Bailey, Oliver Breumlund, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, Dary Znebel.  Enjoy!

Bobby Grant x TWP

Being that Bobby Grant is the younger brother of wake prodigy Daniel Grant, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.  But judging by this video it seems that Bobby has no problem with that task and even has created his own style completley independent from his brothers'.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for this young ripper from Thailand. Enjoy!

cruisin ft. Black Silk

Jonathan Silvershatz aka Shocky aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl aka Black Silk is one of the smoothest wakeboarders in the game.  This video shot by many different people at Thai Wake Park and CWC Wakepark.  We want more Black Silk in our life! Enjoy!

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