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The Coalition Vol. 10

Our 10th installment in the Coalition Web Series, Enjoy! Riders - Dary Znebel, Coti Scaglia, Crosse Bearden, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Bammer Rehn, Quinn Silvernale, Jake Flynn, Ralphy Slaton, Anna Nikstad, and Sina Jacobsen. Filmed at Valdosta Wake Compound, Edited by Wesley Mark Jacobsen. Song - Fever Ray - Carbon Dioxide Additional Filming - Jake Flynn, Dary Znebel, Crosse Bearden, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Colby Munday, Coti Scaglia

Volume 10 Teaser

11/10/23 The Coalition Volume 10

Riders - Dary Znebel, Coti Scaglia, Crosse Bearden, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Bammer Rehn, Quinn Silvernale, Jake Flynn, Ralphy Slaton, Anna Nikstad, and Sina Jacobsen

We went Snowboarding

The squad hiked the park at Beech Mountain for a few days.  What a fucking sick time.  Took a little time to get back in the swing of things but with good crew anything is possible, Enjoy!


"TCTMTT" has officially landed and fully uninterrupted. Full Parts - Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Crosse Bearden, Sina Fuchs, Jesse Jarrett, Coti Scaglia, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, and Dary Znebel. ENJOY!

Henri Dollenberg
one carrier challenge

Henri came to the USA to visit us at Valdosta Wake Compound and escape the German winter to shred some laps. He accepted the One Carrier Challenge, Enjoy!

Ralphy Slaton
One carrier challenge

We take the newest member of the VWC family for a One Carrier Challenge around the best cable park in the world! Enjoy!

alles gut

Maxime Giry spent some time at Wakepark Izon in France and got some banger clips during his stay.  Guest appearances by Felix and Yohan.  Enjoy

TCTMTT raw sewage the grill

For this new series we will break down some spots from TCTMTT and give you a deeper look into the sessions that took place while filming the movie. Enjoy!

SM X Westrock x Unit

The boys flew up to Westrock Wake Park in Illinois to check out the long anticipated Gravitron, one of our collab features with Unit Parktech based on one our favorite features on the 2.0 at Valdosta Wake Compound. Riders - Crosse Bearden, Quinn Silvernale, Dary Znebel, Coti Scaglia, and some WR locals. Enjoy!

TCTMTT Live show

"The Coalition The Movie The Trilogy" has finally arrived.  The Space Mob crew has been hard at work filming this movie for about three years and this is the first time we share it with the world.  Grab some popcorn, beer, doobie, whatever your vibe is and kick it with the crew as we breakdown the movie and discuss what went into the filming of this beast, winch stories, and plenty of bullshit to keep you entertained.  Full Parts by Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Crosse Bearden, Sina Fuchs, Jesse Jarrett, Constanza Scaglia, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, and Dary Znebel.  The Uninterrupted version of this film with be available for FREE very soon on our YouTube Channel.  Enjoy!

Maxime Giry : One Carrier

This kid is the future of wakeskating! It was so nice to chat with Max about his past and how he got into wakeskating. Stoked for the future rips with this French/Swiss machine. At the end he was pretty unhappy with his riding but that's life Max, get over it. Enjoy!


"The Coalition The Movie The Trilogy" dropping October 2021, Stay Tuned!

Videocast Vol. 1

Catch up with Simon Pettai and Quinn Silvernale as they discuss some topics in Wakeboarding and Snowboarding. Enjoy!

SM x Rahinge

A small 2.0 park nestled in the fields of Estonia provides the goods! A truly amazing DIY setup made by Martin Bachmann and the helping hands around the Estonian Wake Community. Martin is a true boardsports legend and has played a huge role in the board sports community in Estonia. Simon Pettai is living proof of his teachings. From building skate parks at his home equipped with foam pits and trampoline pits to his very own wake park with such a unique and progressive setup, it is safe to say Estonian Board Sports would not be where they are today without this man. Cheers to you Martin and thanks for having us! Can't wait to come back soon!

Triolago Hype

Chased around some local talent at Triolago Wake Park in Riol, Germany. Enjoy! Riders : Henri Dollenberg, Sina Fuchs, Konni Lehndorff, Niklas Dorfer, and Rien Van der Pas

One carrier : Vic Garcia

Vic Garcia, member of the ZuuPack and all around ripper.  This kid is a fucking vibe!  Hyped for the future of this South Florida destroyer.

One carrier : Jake Flynn

Jake Flynn also hails from NC and works and lives at Elevated Wake Park in Lexington.  We expect to see great things from this kid in the future.  Check out ZMT's new Movie P2 releasing soon to see more from this young ripper.

One carrier : Ethan Weaver

Ethan Weaver has been around the wake industry for a long time as a grom but the kid has grown up and he is absolutely ripping.  Def keep an eye out for this kid in the future!

2021 Trav x Leaf

We check out Trav Doran's new pro model with Leaf Wakeskates then hit the 2.0 drop and stack some clips.  If you're looking for a new skate for the season this would certainly be a good choice!  Hit up @leafskates on Instagram to order.

2021 Space Tomb

Catch up with Quinn and Wes as they review the all new Slingshot Space Tomb, a one-of-a-kind directional shred machine!  They go over some key features of the board then take it for a rip on the cable at Valdosta, Enjoy!

One Carrier : Clark Davis

Clark Davis, honestly if you don't know what this amazing human has done for the sport of wakeboarding than FUCK YOU, do your research then come back and watch this video.  Thank you Clark!  Enjoy.

Allgau Germany Shred

Wesley and Sina spent some time in beautiful Allgau, Germany while team "Lack und Lederhosn" were filming their Space Tapes edit.  Here are some clips we got in the meantime.  Enjoy!

One Carrier : Todd Allen

Our second victim, Todd  Exxx Allen.  You know the deal.  Lets see what this new VWC transplant's got to offer, Leggo!

One Carrier : Crosse Bearden

Kicking off a new video series from Valdosta where we give riders the opportunity to throw down as many tricks as possible on one carrier.  If the rider falls within the first five laps then they get ONE REBATE.  We start with Crosse Bearden, ENJOY!

Dary Znebel Day

Enjoy a full day with Dary Znebel at Valdosta Wake Compound.  We follow Dary around all day and we get as many clips as we can!  

2021 Spacemob boots

A review of the 2021 Spacemob Boots with Quinn Silvernale and Wesley Mark Jacobsen.  This boots is trusted by so many rippers and has made quite the impact in the park riding scene.  Scoop up a pair from 


Triolago was a last minute addition to our SM Euro Tour and we are sure glad we made the stop.  This park has quickly made it on our favorite parks in Europe.  Between the butter water, fun features,  and amazing owner, Jerry Fenno, this park absolutely SLAPS!  Definitely add it to your travel list for next season.

SM x Dylan Miller

Fresh Outta the Oven we bring you a true Jack-of-all-Trades, Dylan Miller.  He calls Clermont, Florida home and fucking rips the boat and the cable.  It's rare to see someone do both with so much style.  Enjoy!


Fresh Outta the Oven we bring you a piece from a gem of a park in Virginia, Black Water Juction.  After their annual wakeskate event "Junction Function" we stuck around for a shred.  Featuring Trey Seneff, Bob Sutherland, Jake Ramsdell, Dylan Mead, and Wesley Mark Jacobsen. Enjoy!

WMJ x Protec

WMJ x Protec Helmet is finally here!  Check out this clip filmed at Valdosta Wake Compound then head over to and check out the official Helmet.  Enjoy!

Space Mob Euro Tour

Space Mob EURO TOUR is finally here!  Enjoy this full length movie as the SM crew galavants around europe for two weeks while they visit nine parks.  What a wild ride it was!  Thanks to all the companies that were involved with making this happen!  Slingshot, Buywake, STZ, Protec, Sooruz, Nissan Europe.  Strap your seatbelts, grab a cold beer, roll a fatty, sit back and relax because you are in for a treat!  Enjoy!

Coalition Vol. 8

The Coalition Vol. 8 is fresh outta the oven and ready to be devoured by you.  Was that weird? Yea, we like that!  We were fortunate enough to be able to ride during quarantine so we made the best of it and are bringing you our favorite volume yet!  Get ready for a wild ride!  Featuring Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, Crosse Bearden, Travis Doran, Dary Znebel, Sina Fuchs, Coti Scaglia, Justing Lee, Blake Bishop, and Dylan Miller.  Enjoy!

EXPn - Simon/Brenton P.

Well, we dug into our archives and found this video interview with our very own EXPN reporter Simon Pettai interviewing X Games Champion of the world Brenton Priestly.  Enjoy this amazing interview and don't forget to like and subscribe.  Enjoy!

Quarantine Files - vol.8 bts

Some behind the scenes look at our Quarantine at VWC.  Enjoy some b roll and some unused clips from filming Coalition Vol. 8.  Edited by our very own Crosse Bearden.  Enjoy!

Coalition Vol. 7

The Coalition Vol. 7 filmed at Valdosta Wake Compound with the Space Mob crew.  Riders in order of appearance - Dylan Miller, Crosse Bearden, Henry Paulk, Simon Pettai, Mikhale Johnson, Jesse Jarrett, Sina Fuchs, Coti Scaglia, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Dary Znebel.  Enjoy!

2020 Unboxing

Wesley Mark Jacobsen and Quinn Silvernale unboxing their all new whips from Slingshotwake! Space Mob Boots, Space Mob Asymmetrical Directional Space Tomb 160cm, The Coalition 141, 145, 149, 153, 157cm. Everything is NOW AVAILABLE  Enjoy!

The coalition the movie the sequel

Welcome to the second installment of our full length movie series "The Coalition The Movie The Sequel."  Filmed a lot in Argentina and right here at our home park, Valdosta Wake Compound.  Full Parts : Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Wesley Huber, Matt Montoro, Terry Bailey, Oliver Breumlund, Travis Doran, Quinn Silvernale, Dary Znebel.  Enjoy!

Bobby Grant x TWP

Being that Bobby Grant is the younger brother of wake prodigy Daniel Grant, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.  But judging by this video it seems that Bobby has no problem with that task and even has created his own style completley independent from his brothers'.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for this young ripper from Thailand. Enjoy!

cruisin ft. Black Silk

Jonathan Silvershatz aka Shocky aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl aka Black Silk is one of the smoothest wakeboarders in the game.  This video shot by many different people at Thai Wake Park and CWC Wakepark.  We want more Black Silk in our life! Enjoy!

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