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The Alex Figgins story

alex_figgins_birdsRd (1 of 9).jpg

So before we get into Figgins' side of the story we should give you a little background from our perspective.  First off, we want to say that if any of our "fans" reach out to us, we will respond with flying colors.  We love our fans and we love wakeboarding.  If you wakeboard or wakeskate and rep the Mob, we see you!  All of you!  No matter how big or small you may or may not think you are.  

Alex Figgins was first spotted on our radar after all these wild ass clips he'd post on his insta riding the SM directional and the Coalition aptly paired with the SM boots.  The whole crew instantly loved his unique and janky style.  It was nice to see someone NOT trying to ride like everyone else and just ride how he wanted to ride.  Along with his stories which were always the most genuine and hilarious, we knew he was our long lost brother that we haven't met yet.  Then he started winching during the Quarantine.... Then he started to fucking kill it behind the winch and managed to get some serious fucking photos.  Our love for Figgy grew yet again.  Well I think thats enough sob story from us.  Let's hear from Figgy himself.

Figgin's boosting a nose grab over a double close out with nothing but that baby lil correx to get the job done.  If you've ever winched then you know this is fucked up.  


Lets talk to Figgins

alex_figgins_birdsRd (4 of 9).jpg

Figgy getting barreled in the streets.

It's nice to be reminded that winching doesn't always have to be super gnarly or dangerous.  Sometimes the streets can provide aesthetics that can't be found at your cable park and make for some great photos


Figgy vs "The Bird Cage"

this spot however, IS fucking gnarly!  With that skinny little correx incline to cheese grater bird cage.  We can't wait to see the video from this dope spot!

Whats with you and @spacemob? a question I’m asked weekly, so fuck it here’s a blurb about me and my relationship with the Valdostians 🖖🏿 have a read if u know how 👽

I've had genetic anxiety and manic depression issues my whole life (believe it or not I’m a bit of a fruit cake) and the only thing that’s ever made it better was playing sport or getting off my face. I played sport my whole childhood, that tapered out as I grew older and that’s when life took a bit of a turn, I hung around shit people doing bad things and I began numbing myself with whatever I could find, starting to take over most of my life. I left all of that behind and sort out a better life, got a real job at a hospital and met some really nice young lads who suggested we head down to Gold Coast wake park one day for a rip, this was my first introduction to wakeboarding (December 2018)

I'd never held a wakeboard before, and I definitely didn’t know that there where ‘wake parks’ with rails and jumps 😍 I instantly became hooked, because I’d always wanted to be a decent street skater, but I literally can’t Ollie. That didn’t matter on a wakeboard, my feet were strapped in! I could finally f*#en Ollie on a board! Let’s Fucken do shit 😂
The first thing I wanted to do was hit rails, it’s at this time I took to YouTube and discovered the SPACE MOB.

...Pre cable sessions I would binge watch Blake Bishop and WMJ clips (I still do) for literally hours with no idea what I was looking at, or how technical the moves where, I just knew ‘fuck I wanna ride like that one day’. As I dug deeper into the culture of Jib style, rail riding and the skinny stance dance, I became beyond obsessed with the effortless style of Crosse Bearden and Quinn Silvernale, 2 blokes so smooth they look asleep and then they do a trick u can’t even fathom. The best part about watching the Mob shred was not just the effortless style, but the CARE FREE FUN attitude that came with it. (I left out people like dary B and Dill Mill, those blokes just get me horny)

As my obsession with the sport grew, I knew one way or another I need to atleast speak to these fellahs. I reached out to Wes not expecting much of a reply, and it turns out we got along like 2 big dicks in a pond, ahh I mean ducks...ducks in a pond...

Since then everything has been different, my goals, attitude/headspace and outlook on life has changed. Not only have these blokes befriended me they have invited me into there homes, there wakeparks and there live’s...they have given me advice on life, mental health and sex positions, we pretty much talk about anything and everything except wakeboarding 😂 They have helped give me a new lease on life as an adult that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to find, and for that I’m forever greatful. Thank You Space Mob

If you ever feel a bit lost, surround yourself with people you want to be like and u will find your way. Not all of us are human 🖖🏿

Disclaimer message;
I’m not saying your heroes will open up to you like mine did, its not there responsibility to reply to your messages or provide u advice, but that doesn’t mean u don’t reach out anyway. We’re all killing time on this rock until the lights go off. Say please and Thank you to each other, earn Respect by showing it, and jib more.

Now F#%k off 🖤

Thank you for sharing Figgy!

It's the sickest feeling in the world to know that you've helped someone in a dark time of their life.  Can't wait to come to Aus and cut some laps or go on a winch mission with ya.  It will happen soon!


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