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getting sponsored with Dylan miller

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I think I was about 15 years old

At what age did you get your first sponsored?

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Initially I got some hook ups through contest results at local events in Canada. But after I started filming video projects things started to move away from contests for me. I was getting way more positive feedback from videos, so I just continued doing that. That’s definitely what led to bigger sponsors for me.

What do you think helped you get noticed in wakeboarding and land bigger sponsors?

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Ride a lot, film a lot and be creative. Do things differently, if your riding looks the same as someone else it’s not always a good thing. Be unique yo!

Do you have any advice for the younger generation of riders that are starting to look for sponsors?

Are you still looking for new sponsors?

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Wasn’t planning on it but with Corona destroying the economy I might have to hahaha

Lastly, What is your dream sponsor?


Thank you Dilly Milly!

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